Text input hides when I type

Hi Team, I have a problem.
I make an Chat app, but when the keyboard opens in iOS I can’t see what I type in the text input.
Is there a way to see what I write (it works fine when I open the app on the web)

Web Version

iOS Version:

Can you help me please?

Hello, you can have to the group where the input exists, then click on “Edit styles” then select bottom.

In fact it is already anchored in the bottom part, but still having the same problem.

Hello, as Ali mentioned, you should group all those components at the bottom and edit the style to make it anchored to “Bottom”.

Thats how I have it setup and here is a look at my chat from iOS device

Here is a snapshot from the editor, you should be aiming for this.
Please remember to also add a rectangle component that serves as background to those components (send button/icon + text field input) - screenshot below #2.

Hello, yes as @Mohammed mentioned, you can add a rectangle in the back of it and try not to put the input at the lowest point in the screen. It should be a little bit above the bottom.

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ive done every step you guys told me, but its stll not working. Is it because im using a input component that doesnt need a send button? What else can I do?


Not really, that should not be a problem. But if there is no send button, how do you send the message?
Are you using a custom component for the chat bar?

This is a Component

I don’t know if that could be the problem.

I see. So you would need to contact @James_App_Maker to see if this component has some styling rules fixed to it.
For example, there are other custom components on the marketplace that resize automatically to fit the screen. Others have settings that fix its position to top or bottom.

Perhaps this specific component has some limitation as well. Best to check with James :wink:

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I will look into this and get back to you :slight_smile:

Thanks, I’ll be waiting, only this stops me from launching my app.
Thanks @Mohammed, @Ali-Bazzi and @James_App_Maker

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I will try to debug this as fast as I can.

Hello Friendo @James_App_Maker any update?


Not at the moment, sorry.

Hello Again @James_App_Maker any update to help me please?

Not at the moment. I’m asking an Adalo engineer if this is from Adalo or me.

Hello, the problema was the Component, because I change the component and I’m using a normal input and it works fine.


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Ok, in the meantime, just use that solution. I’ll let you know when it’s fixed. I’m really sorry for the inconvenience this has caused.

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