Chat with External collection, refreshing data (or screen ?)

I’m currently doing an app with a personnal API and I need to create the chat module. My main issue is the refresh of the chat page. If i use adalo’s database i can use advenced options and refresh my page when new data are added. But if i use external collection i can’t use this feature.

I tried to refresh the page with a timer and an invisible pop-up (every 5 seconds i navigate to a modal page and get back) but the timer do not reset when I use “navigated back” to the page. I can only refresh the page one time OR i need to use a navigation loop (chat page create a new modal and modal create a new chat page… etc ) and i must create tons of pages on the stacks (if people do not think about killing the app, this will create huge lag and ram consumtion.)

I have no idea how to correct this problem, if someone know how to refresh a page with an api message this would be perfect. If you know how to reliably refresh the page with a timer, i’m interested too !
(And of course, if you find a new solution to my problem, or just an idea, do not esitate to share it !)

Thx for reading me !

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