Adalo chat but with airtable

Hey all, so I’ve built a chat function in my app, but I’m using airtable as my database for everything else, so it really only works if I use airtable as my database for this too.

Of course airtable doesn’t have an auto-refresh feature like Adalo’s database, so i’m wondering if anyone has a neat workaround so that the user doesn’t have to refresh the page?

Perhaps a way to call the airtable api on a recurring basis every 5 seconds or so?

I’m thinking of connecting my application to airtable. Is your app fast?

Yeah no problem. Although if I were starting again I might try to use Xano as a database, a think it has a lot more functionality as a backend (Airtable wasn’t build for app databases)

Is the speed before and after connecting the application really noticeable?

thank you soo much
kind regards

I never used the adalo databases so i cant really speak to that, but it depends of course what youre picking up from airtable, i have image URLs from all across the web and i have no issue

okey thank you soo much

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