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Hello Everyone!

I was wondering how I could make an attendance section for classes in my church, where the class teacher could take attendance of each student like Student A is here, Student B is not here.

Here is what I need:

  • The class teacher marks if a student is here or not here.
  • When the class teacher is done with the attendance it automatically sends the results to the class leader.

I would highly appreciate it if anyone helps me! :pray: :pray:

God bless and thank you in advance!


Anyone please…please…!!!

Seems like the best way to do this would be with a form that pulls in the class name, list of students, and the date. When the form is complete and submitted it would then be stored as a new entry in an attendance database and alert the class leader. Does that make sense?


Here you go, clonable version.

  1. Home screen with a list of classes + date/time
  2. Click class to show students & toggle switch attendance true/false for the class

relationship between Classes & Students - many to many

Test account:
pwd: 123456

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Thank you @bhanu and @jim!!!

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