Need help with attendance tracking

Hi! Okay, so I’m building a double-sided app, where:

  1. Teachers track attendance on one side
  2. Students can:
  • cancel their attendance for a specific date they won’t be attending the class
  • reschedule and choose another class to attend to if they canceled and want to take that class they missed at another time
  • try once a new class they aren’t signed to

For context, this is for a dance studio, so people usually sign up for a full schoolyear, and then each week can cancel if they can’t go. So the roster of students for each class/date/time (e.g.: Zumba every Tuesday from 10 to 11am) would essentially be the same every week with the exception of:

  • a student cancelling for that week
  • a student that isn’t signed up for that class/date/time that wants to attend that class if there’s any empty spots.

I imagine the “fixed” roster could be linked to the class/date/time with a many to many relationship between Students. But I’m super lost about:

  • how to not display the cancellations for the specific date that’s being tracked (so, get them off that day’s list so that the spot can be occupied by someone else)
  • how to register the attendance confirmation ticked by the teacher.
  • how to allow external students to sign up for a specific date (both as trials and as reschedules)

Help pleaseeeeeeeeeee

Thanks in advance,


Help pleaseeeeeeeeeeee

Hi @crv19 ,

Your asking is like creating a whole app, probably for others can help, there would need be a specific simple issue that you want to achieve and have an example could help a lot.

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