Click action order


In the image below, I am trying to get the last click action i.e. Link to screen to happen before all other actions (since they use the info added on the linked screen).

In theory I should be able to rearrange these by dragging but that doesnt seem to work and the link action is always the last one.

Any ideas why or what can I do here?


I tried that and it seems to work fine. Thank you for your help.

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Hi @crystalball,

As a side note: please be very careful with the advice of @dilon_perera reg. adding update and create actions on the next screen.

If you add these actions as “on-screen-enter” actions, they will be executed every time when you press the button with some action on this next screen. The way it works is that after an action is executed, the screen is kind of “refreshed”, and on-screen-enter actions are executed once again (this doesn’t happen only when you direct the user to another screen).

Best regards, Victor.

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