Action Link to Wrong Screen bug?

I may be experiencing a bug with the link to screen action.

I’m selecting a rectangle (button), adding 2 actions: updating 2 fields in the user profile. Then, add an Action - link to a screen.

The action link is going to the wrong screen. Pretty simple.
Yet, I can’t find the source of the issue.

I tried reloading the app, re-logging-in, restarting the browser, as well as deleting and remaking the link action.

I’m trying to create an on-boarding process - update user every 2-3 input fields, link to the next screen… but, it’s not navigating to the screen that is linked.

Check that you don’t have a separate action inside the rectangle, if there are several elements such as text or another item inside, you may have previously added a link to them, but are only checking the outer rectangle right now.

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That may be it … let me check, thank you.

I couldn’t find the “hidden” actions. But, cleaning up the groups seems to have solved the issue. Thank you.

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