ClosetSwitch: Clothing trading app in NYC

I made an app where you can trade your clothes locally in NYC!

How it works:

  1. List your clothes
  2. Get instant “ClosetCoins”
  3. Shop with ClosetCoins
  4. Pick up in NYC!

Lmk what you think!


Very unique idea and the app looks clean. Great job!

Hi, maybe post some screenshots for those who can’t install the app, like me so i can give feedbacks :relaxed:


Excellent idea, Good app. The user interface is super user-friendly. And like another user said, kindly upload some screenshots of the app so a person not living in NYC does not have to download the app just to get a glance at it, also you will get more reviews here then. The name is also well-chosen, it is defining the whole purpose of the app. Well done!