CryptoNow - Full Exchange/Purchase Template! TRY IT NOW!

Hello to all, I want to show everyone and allow those who want to try my app (template) which allows the following functions:

  • Crypto purchase (By card or with funds in the virtual wallet)
  • Crypto sell
  • Crypto Exchange in other Crypto
  • Virtual wallet top-up
  • Request for withdrawal of money
  • See your transactions
  • Crypto list updated every 30 seconds
  • Detailed information on each crypto currency
  • Watchlist
  • Personal profile
  • Financial News
  • Friend invitation system via personal code that allows you to earn money in your wallet
  • Age control system, minors under 18 are not accepted
  • Template with available languages: ENG - ITA
  • Commissions on every single transaction (customizable)

Link to APP: CryptoNow

You can try all the functions.
For those wishing to try a purchase, use the test card: 4242 4242 4242 4242 - 05/23 - CVC= 782

Each of you for the registration alone will receive a gift of 15 euros in your private wallet that you can spend immediately.

For those interested in the template contact me privately, I will be happy to provide further details and prices.
The app is fully customizable and all functions can be re-used for other apps

It is also possible to integrate the app with the security system for each transaction: SECURITY PIN.
which will require the creation of a specific pin and will be required at each transaction.
(This system is separate from the template)

I show you a preview of the security system:

PIN Creation (In editor view - with the possibility of seeing asterisks or seeing the digits entered):

Finally I show the view in Editor of all screens:

I hope it is appreciated.
I repeat for those interested, please contact me.

Cheers to all.


Brilliant App Giuseppe! :star_struck:

How about showcasing this app on the Adalo Showcase page? I guess there is no app that has these features in the Showcase page. This will help for the newbies to understand how COOL is Adalo, What we can do with Adalo!

Thank you so much for the compliment! I just applied for Showcase!

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Now you can SELL or EXCHANGE your crypto from Crypto Single Screen!

I’ve made new implementations! Go and try them: CryptoNow


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