Collection from Adalo to Integromat: Lack of some fields

Good morning everyone,

has recently been using the Integromat service to manage massive updates or record creation on Adalo.

However, I do not understand why (In integromat) when I want to set a filter on a record I am not shown all the fields of my collection but only some.
The problem appears to be on relationship fields.

Below is my collection with its fields:

Here instead on integromat that only some fields of the collection are shown, others not:

Can anyone help me understand why? Where am I wrong? I need to solve this problem because I have to filter the data read.

Thanks to all,


uppppp please! nothing???

Thanks to all

Hi to all…Can anyone help me with this? @Victor @Colin

Hi @miticobeppe,

Make sure that the values for the very 1st record in the Adalo collection are all filled in.
Integromat determines the data structure by trying to get values for the 1st record in the collection.
No values → Adalo doesn’t return them → Integromat doesn’t get them doesn’t create the data structure for them.


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