Need help using Query String options in Integromat GET request

Hello all!
I’m stuck using Integromat (and Postman) to try to get a filtered list of data FROM Adalo.

I’ve tried using all sorts of options but nothing will work except offset and limit.

Any help would be amazing and greatly appreciated.

Integromat example trying to only get user 13:

This returns all 20:

Hi @ProU,

Well, Adalo Collections API doesn’t support any filtering so far :frowning:

So the only way to get exact record based on some property value is to create a Adalo List Records module in Integromat, and then put a filter on the following connection.
Fortunately, this consumes only 1 credit… but running List Records (=GET ALL) could take some time on larger collections.

Best regards, Victor.

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