Collection limitations?

Hi guys,
Is it possible to create a collection that has properties that carry multiple values, and are have different values for each user?

So for example, if I have a collection called A that has 5 values, and I want another collection called B to have 10 properties of type collection A, And I want each user to have a 2 properties of collection B.
And of course the values should be unique and different for each user.

How can this be done?


Hi @atg,

Adalo can’t store arrays of values in a property. E.g. you can’t add a property, say, “Years” and store there something like [1990, 2000, 2010].

However I believe that your issue can be solved with Many-to-Many relationships. E.g. you can have “Years” collection and “Users” collection. And you can create M2M relationship between the two, and then each user can have their own set of years: User A can have 1990,2000; User B can have 1990,2020,2023; etc etc. Then to display the values you can have a list of Years filtered by User on some screen.

If you explain in more detail what you would like to achieve then me or someone else may come with more detailed advice about DB structure.


Thanks Victor,
I made a change and simplified things, so that part is ok now.

I do have another issue that is really strange!

I have a collection that has a relationship with the main Users - One user many …

The thing is - when I try to filter, and compare the value of a number property held in this collection which is connecter to the logged in user - I can’t get the filter to work. no matter if I do:
equal or higher, equal or lower, equal… they all return “false”
only when I do not equal is the response “true”

How can this be? I set the values manually… but the filter fails every time.

Any suggestions?

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