Collections API Error - Access token / app mismatch

I am trying to pull data from a demo app (Calendar Component) into Google Sheets via API integrator Apipheny.

I have

  1. Used the Get Url endpoint as provided in API documentation page of that particular app/collection.
  2. Used the Authorization and collection-type keys

But am getting the “Access token / app mismatch” error.

Tried with other apps of mine and with GET/POST both and same error.

Tried in and same error.

Am I missing something?

Attached is the screenshot of the dummy app.

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Hey Kamal, I am having the same issue. I regenerated the API Key for the App, tried again, no success.

“error”: “Access token / app mismatch”

Everything is working all right. The access was paused by Adalo team while they were firefighting the temp setbacks.

Its so cool, this Adalo API and addon to Google Sheets. So simple and easy to pull out data.

Can close this issue.

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