Notification API : {"error": "Access token / app mismatch" }


I’m having issues using the Adalo push notification API, getting the error : {“error”: “Access token / app mismatch” }.

Trying sample http requests with postman :

  • with this url :[MY APP ID]&audience={ “email”: “[EMAIL]” }&notification={“titleText”: “Hello There”, “bodyText”: “This is just a test…” }

  • and these headers “Authorization : Bearer [MY API TOKEN]” and "Content-Type : application/json"

I’ve seen people running into the same error in the past, due to Adalo maintenance: does anybody know what it could be now? Does it take some time before the API token becomes valid?


Hi @Jane,

Just to double check: did you make at least 1 build of your native app?

If yes, and if you’re sure the request syntax is correct, probably the best way is to submit a ticket here: Submit a Support Ticket

Best regards, Victor.

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Hi @Victor !

Yes I’ve done a build (for the appstore), although it was before generating the API token :blush:

Thanks for your help, I’ll submit a ticket,

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