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Hi guys,

Maybe someone could point me in the right direction. I’m building a multi-sided application and planning to have two different apps for customer and business accounts with a shared database.

For user registration, I have one collection User which has parameters Name/Email/Password and relationship to customer and business accounts collections where I save additional information about the users.

User registration is pretty simple and I don’t have any problems here. But with business account registration I have a problem. The whole registration path should look like this:

  1. First step: User enters Name/Emai/Pass.
  2. Second step: User chooses one service category that provides services.
  3. Third step: User selects a few services from the provided list related to his chosen category.
  4. Fourth step: User fills in additional information about his business and completes registration.

There I have the first problem how to save the service category from step two and services tags from the third step correctly so that I could use them later when I would need to link customer inquiries with the service provider.

The second problem is related to the first one, how to set up collections that customers inquiries will be shown only for those business accounts that provide needed service.

Any thoughts on how I could achieve this?

Some parts are beyond my scope but when you want to offer something to some one you have to create a true false so the inquiries shown is you need to mark the account. for me i think more in marketing. so for example if you do marketing for a car place and you want to show the car place to all the people getting their car serviced you have a portion in your data base like auto and then when you send it out you send it out to every one who has auto checked.

or from a membership stand point all members who have the gold member ship gets this inquiry sent to them when selected. so the link or relation here would be the gold membership.

i do apologize for my lack of terminology. working on it now.

Hi @Mindaugas ,

Use custom form for registration and at submit button, use make list with category collection at 2nd step.

Put link action at the button (inside list) and at next screen you get access to category collection and can use update action to save category.

Hi Yongki,

Thanks for your reply.
That works till 3rd step when I need to save multiple selections from the services list.

Now the on Sign Up button I create Service Category collection and link to 2nd step. In 2nd step I update Service Category collection with Category Name and Category ID who I get from the categories collection list.

In the 3rd step I would need the user to select(mark) one or more services from the list then with the button I could update Service Category collection. I easily can do this if user select only one service from list, but I don’t know how to save multiple selections. Any ideas?

For multiple selections, search a video from youtube, didn’t remember the title.

Basically, have relationship many-to-many between categories and users and use update action and at the relationship field use add category, creating relationship in m-to-m is using update action, not create action.

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