Two Sign Up Screens

Hi all - I’m new here. I need help with setting up the sign up screen where there is a choice for either a “User” or “Business”. Any idea how to do that? Thanks so much!

If you just want to record whether they’re a User or a Business, you’d just drag a form field or a true/false onto the screen where you want to ask them and save the records to a collection.

Thanks. I’ll try that. So bascially record User and Business separately in their own collection?

I don’t know how the true/false would work in this case because the sign up screen only connects to one collection.

I think I’d just make a record in the existing Users table so that it gets saved with the user information.

True/False may not be the best choice, but it would suffice, as you could ask “Are you a business?” and if they set it to yes then you know.

But yeah just record what type of user they are in a record in your Users table.

That won’t work because I need different info for users and for business. I’ll just create its own separate collections. I was able to create a separate sign up screen for each and link it to their respective collections. Now, I gotta figure out the login for both on one screen with the drop down menu. I gotta figure that out. Thanks for your time though.

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Hi @LaoEntrepreneur,

From my experience, I would advice to store the basic information about the users in a single Users collection. This collection is kind of “hardcoded” in Adalo, so a lot of internal processes depend on it. Moreover, this collection is accessible from any screen, no need to worry about the data availability.

Of course you could create additional collections for Businesses and for Clients, link them to Users collection and store all relevant info there.

Reason I’m writing this - I’ve had an experience when I tried to “replicate” Users collection and store user info there, use it for login etc. This resulted in a lot of work and time loss, and didn’t bring any valuable result at the end :slight_smile:

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