🌈 Color Picker & Advanced Icon NOW Released!

Hey Everyone,

I’m excited to announce that I’ve released a Color Picker component and Advanced Icon Component into the marketplace!

Color Picker allows your users to select a color from a wheel or set of colors and you can save the color in the database.

Advanced icon lets you have a dynamic icon name, color, and size.

The Color Picker is $10 and the Advanced Icon is $15.

Thanks for your support! :slight_smile:


Also, if you click on the demo for the component, it might not work because of permissions that Adalo set, when I come back from my vacation in a week I will fix it. I’m very very sorry for the inconvenience.

Don’t worry if I don’t reply to your post, I might not have internet for the next week :slight_smile:

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Hi, are you able to make the color picker change color of the backgrounds?

You can do this with the color picker and dynamic background component.