Dynamic Background component review?

Anyone use the $20 dynamic background component yet? I’m hesitant to spend the money with only the demo from the component shop. Would love to hear or see someone implement it in an app so that I can be sure it works like I want it to. Has anyone used it yet?

Yes, I’ve used it. Works exactly as described - end-users can change the background theme of your app to fit their taste, wherever the component is placed. From changing to colors to uploading an image. Can also be used to create light/dark mode.

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Thanks for your response! So it fills the entire screen? Perfectly? Every time?

It has worked for me during testing (editor and PWA). I have not deployed it with native apps, so I can’t speak to that.

There was an issue where if you had a screen with lists and then placed the component onto that screen and moved it to the back, the component and/or page content would shift in weird directions, but this isn’t an issue with the component - it’s a layout problem on Adalo’s side, according to the update I was given. Provided Adalo’s track history with repairs to “non priority” issues, this problem likely has not been fixed (and probably never will be).

So, to avoid it, start a page with the dynamic component first.

Lastly, the dynamic component must be manually sized to the size of the screen - meaning, if you have content that requires a user scroll down the screen, you’ll need to size the component accordingly, otherwise it’ll only fill the portion of the screen that’s initially seen before scrolling down. Because of this, I’m not sure how it’ll work with lists that dynamically increase in size when content is added to the associated collection - I never tested that, as it wasn’t apart of my use case.

Hope that helps.

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To add to @preptogether, the list bug happens because of Adalo’s layout. Adalo is working on a fix. (This will even happen if you put a list on top of a list)

Other than that, it’s works fine.

here’s a gif of it:

Adalo Marketplace Components (3)

the color picker component is coming soon (not included with the dynamic background component)

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