Coming Soon: Free video chat component

I want it! Could you DM me?

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Hi @Connectall

More updates after some more digging and reorganizing. Unfortunately, there is a bug with how WebKit handles user agent, which is not letting Daily Prebuilt load in react native WebViews.

Sadly it’s beyond what I can impact with the components code. I’ve let the Daily team know, and they’ve confirmed and are working on a fix but I don’t have an ETA on that.

Wish I had a better update. The component should be disabled in the meantime and off the marketplace. It’ll be best to use a different solution for now.

Once it’s up and working again, I shall!

Ok. Thanks for the update.


私も”Adalo Webview"を利用して他のVideoソリューションを試しましたが、
Adalo Native(iOS and Android)ではうまく動作させることが出来ませんでした。
特にAdalo Androidには"onPermissionReques"と"grant"を受けつけることが出来ないため、

I also tried other video solutions using “Adalo Webview”, but I could not get it to work with Adalo Native (iOS and Android).
In particular, Adalo Android does not accept “onPermissionRequest” and “grant”, so it was impossible to do a VideoChat.
It would be great if the Adalo development team could implement this…
There may be other problems, but If it works I will definitely use!

this.setWebChromeClient(new WebChromeClient() {
            public void onPermissionRequest(final PermissionRequest request) {
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Had similar issues but I resolved it by dropping a Pragamaflow Permissions Manager in a Webview window. Just to be clear, I did not use the native Video Chat by Daily Component. I used a Webview instead and in the webview I dropped the Permissions Manager in it which solved the permissions request issue.

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Salut Salomon, peux tu le montrer en image. Aussi, est ce que tu réussi la mise en ligne

Hi Magloire, yes. please see the attached image. The App is available in both App Stores and it works.

Merci Salomon, J’essais ta méthode et je te fais un retour. Merci d’avance.