Coming Soon: Free video chat component

Hi all,

I’m working on a free component that integrates video chat with Adalo. With it, you can create, update and join video calls, customize colors and configure meeting tokens directly in Adalo.

It’ll be ready in the next few weeks, and then I’ll test it with a few users as a private component before it’s public.

If anyone wants to try it out, share early feedback, or has any requests for a Daily component, feel free to PM me!



Hi @lunchpaillola ,


Can it record and be saved and played again in video player ?

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I’d like to test it

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Can i try this because i would like to user this for my real estate app

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Awesome I’ve got you down and will share it with you once it’s live!

definitely, i’ve got you down!

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Hi Yongki!

Recording is available with Daily but only on the paid scale plan. Here’s more about Daily’s pricing plans

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If you want to test, count me in.

How about minimum bandwidth required ?

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Awesome, I’ve got you down!

It will depend a little bit on the participants of the call
For example, a Daily client needs about 75 kb/s downstream connection per participant that is sending video during a call. In a 10-participant meeting, you need about 750kb/s downstream connection — in a 20-participant meeting you need about 1500kb/s.

Hello, I hope all is well. I am also interested in testing out the video chat. Please let me know what I need to do to get started?

I look forward to hearing from you!

Thank you,



Great! I just sent over a message with instructions. I’ll just need your developer token

Daily is not rendering the UI in Android once it’s deployed to the Play Store. Just a blank screen. But works fine on my PWA.

Hi @Connectall ,

Thanks for reaching out.

Is it the component entirely (ie you can’t see any buttons either (create a room, creating a meeting token, etc)) or just the video chat portion? Mind sharing what video chat settings you have?


This is what the screen looks like on Android once deployed to the Play Store. The top grey border is Daily branding. But nothing else renders.


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Thanks for the response, i’ll work to reproduce this to figure out what could be happening.

Are there any other components you’re using alongside the video chat and what kind of device are you using? I’d like to recreate the exact same scenario for testing and digging.


There are no other components. Just the video chat. Daily reached out and said this is out of there scope and it’s nothing they can do. But it’s there component? Im confused. I did have push notifications triggering when the page was accessed. I pulled that out and made it as simple as possible. If this doesn’t work I will pull it out completely and move on.

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@Connectall Thanks for the context, I’m still trying to reproduce the issue, I’m honestly having trouble rendering anything at all with my Adalo apps on android (even without the component).

I’ll try a few changes with the component, push an update and will share it here by end of day.

That’s interesting. Please keep me posted. I love the chat feature and desperately want to keep it in my app. If need be, I can give you access to my PWA and Play Store version.

As of right now, I’ve pulled out notifications in attempt to simplify the video chat rendering. If this doesn’t work, hopefully you will have answer.

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Thanks for the offer and for escalating the issue with the android builds. At the moment, I can’t quite get those to render but getting closer, looks like there are a few dependencies that are interacting negatively when published.

For now, I’ll have the component disabled on the marketplace until there’s an update that fixes this but it could be a few days to rewrite most of the component.


A few days isn’t bad. I was fearful it could be weeks or month. Could you please message me as soon as the fix is published?

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