Comments / Replies many levels deep

I was able to create a reply to a comment, but what if the conversation continues?

Do I have to create a new collection for each level down of replies? Or can I set it up more like instant messaging?

Any tips is appreciated.

Hi @mikebos671,

Check this out! : Allowing users to edit their comments/replies in a forum - #2 by dilon_perera ( discussion = comment & reply is same )

Thank you

Awesome. I’ll check it out. Thank you.

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That video wasn’t for replies many levels deep. It was for one comment. Can anyone help me with some tips?

Hello, you can create a relationship between the replies and the comments collections which will be (Each Comment can have many replies), then you can add a list of replies under the comment or in a specific screen where you can connect it to the current comment by selecting (Current comment=> replies).

Thank you!

only 1 replies collection needed, you can add a column as “Parent_ID” which will store the ID of the reply parent’s replay ID

under the comment, create a list of replies and filter on Parent_ID = Empty … this will be the replies root list

and as a nested list inside, create another list of replies where the “Parent_ID” = Current reply ID
and so on …

you can repeat that multiple times to get multiple levels, BUT … there is a bug with nested lists in Adalo, as I remember after 3 level of nested lists, Adalo can load only 10 items !!!


Got it. Thanks!

Sorry for the late reply!

Oh… ok, got it! @mohmdfawzi already answered!

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