Need help with replies

I am making a social app, where you can post and people can comment and reply to comments. But I’m stuck in the reply part.

Can anyone help? If anyone can help then here is the link: Adalo

Hi @XaverRavr ,

There should be relationship for reply collection.

Try experimenting by adding relationship to any of those collections with any of relationships type, you can quickly learn how they work.

There are 2 relationships in the reply collection, I could show you some screenshots

That link to comments ?

Yes, both properties are in the reply database. 1. A reply belongs to a user. 2. A reply belongs to a comment.

Then you can make reply list inside comment list.

That is what I did. Could you plz check out my app and see if you could fix it?

Wait, inside a comment list or a reply list under comment list?

Better reply list inside comment list, but it depends on what you want to present.

Best if you try experimenting with them.

Ok I will try. I will let you know if it works. Thanks for the help. :slight_smile:

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Hey, @Yongki. I have tried, you can’t make a list inside a list. But i figured what the problem is, in photo 2 and 3 i showed the problem in the “what is this a list of” where it shows at the top “all replies”. If you could look at my app and see if you could fix it, I have tried all of them.

Here is a cloneable link Tanjo

Hi @XaverRavr ,

This is your app clone back to you.

What I did are

  1. Change from this

to this

  1. Add button in reply screen

The result,

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