Custom Component - A terrible experience

Just a heads up for anyone looking to get a custom component built by - They string you along, badly.

Disclaimer: I’m not trying to come across as a rant here, but I want to share this experience to save other fast-moving founders their precious time if sourcing for a custom component-

Here’s a condensed recap of our timeline trying to give them money…

April 7 - I request a custom app to be built (to be able to embed a single tweet). No response.

April 9 - I follow up again.

April 12 - They tell me that they’ll get back to me on April 24th. Okay, sure. Although their website FAQ says “Our team will review your custom component and study its feasibility. We will contact you after 24 hours for a quick call to discuss our proposal and cost breakdown.”

April 24 - I kindly waited, then asked them for an update. They responded with a “we’ll get back to you within 24 hours with an update”.

April 27 - After I ping them again - they now say May 3rd. Keep in mind, this isn’t a date for the project to be delivered, this is simply a date to discuss the price and timeline of the actual build. I imagine their actual build process/timeline is even worse and more convoluted than this.

All that being said, I’m back to square one with my component request if anyone knows of any reliable builders! I’m willing to pay a great price and no one seems to want my money, haha.

Hey @ProU, this doesn’t sound good. I have used and purchased their already made components, almost all of them actually, and, I can say they in the most part work pretty well. As for premade custom components I do think they guys at create better glitch free components, so maybe hit out at them.

I think there’s a fantastic market for custom component developers and I also have a few requests.

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