Hiring: Looking to hire a Custom Component Developer

Hello! The Adalo Expert Directory does not have any category for building custom components, so I thought I’d try here.

We would like to pay to have a private component built.

Our Need: An embedded Tweet Component (iframe based). While there is a “Twitter Timeline” component, it lacked embedded plays of videos, as well as it’s only for a full timeline from an account, not a single tweet.


I believe @alexistiradoRP is a component developer.

Thanks James! Let me see if we can help you with this. Can you email me this post and any additional information that could help our experts? alexis.tirado@roundpegs.com

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You got it, @alexistiradoRP!

Thanks @James_App_Maker!

I’m still looking for anyone to help out on this project as a few people offering the service have dropped off or said they’re too busy.

Again, this is a paid build.


@anon28807528 did you look at complab.io?

I did! Super excited about what they’re offering. I even picked up one of their already baked components this morning. I sent off an inquiry about this custom build, and am waiting to hear back. We really need this one done inside ~21 days and aren’t really moving the ball forward so thought I’d try to stir up the pot.

Thanks for the great suggestion as always, @James_App_Maker !

@ProU I think @minriemacapugay is a component developer.

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Still looking to hire for this project!
Terrible experience with past prospects. No communication/ghosting, $4,000 estimates, 8 week turnaround time, the list goes on.

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