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Hi. So if I use the PayPal component in my app, how will prices for user checkout get set? Are they dynamically generated with Magic Text for the price of the item?

Like if I’m using the PayPal component in an Amazon-type app made with Adalo, when someone clicks on the PayPal button under an item, will they be taken to a screen where they pay that price? Like if they click on the button for a $50 shirt on the app, will the PayPal screen say “Pay $50” to me? And if they click on it for a $20 shirt, will the PayPal screen say “Pay $20?”

Also, does the component tell my app if the payment was successful? Like, if the payment is successful, my Adalo app continues to the next screen or something? But if it’s not successful, my Adalo app won’t carry out that action?

Does anyone have a video of them using it and setting it up for their app? I tried looking at the demo on the website, but it doesn’t tell you that.

Minrie ( @minriemacapugay ) can you help here? Or some experienced makers? : Michael ( @MichaelApp ) , Rudy ( @bioveneris ) , Keith ( @iAppsNi )

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Hey, you need to assign a collection to a user, for example shopping cart. There you put a true/false and a number variable. True/false should be set to true after successful payment. In the field with the number you can calculate the shopping cart by calculation. And you need the Name of product and their price in a seperated Collection.

If you need help contact me and add me to your app. I will have a look at it.

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But does that translate to the amount someone pays through the Complab PayPal component? Does the amount they pay through PayPal get updated?

The sum you want to get in the end you have to calculate based on your products.

You have the product A with 10€ and the product B with 20€.

If I put product A in the shopping cart it costs me 10€.

If I put A and B in the cart, I have to sum up these numbers in a calculated field. Its 30€. The summed number you put as Magic field.

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The calculation must be made in adalo

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But does PayPal automatically get updated with the new amount? I understand how the Magic Text works.

I just want to know if the amount someone pays through the PayPal component changes with the magic text.

Does the amount of money that PayPal requests from the user dynamically change based on the price of each item (what I’m hoping for)?

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Yes, if you calculate the price correctly and Magic Text is calculated correctly, PayPal will request the correct amount from the user. If you need help with the creation, feel free to contact me.


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