Component Dropdown menu : No empty default value

I’ve a small problem that I didn’t have few weeks ago…
I added a dropdown menu on my screen then I selected the database linked to this dropdown menu.
But when I preview my app this dropdown menu shows directly the first item of my database. Before I could have an empty value now impossible and as you can see on the attached picture I setup the default value as empty.
I’m a bit confused, maybe Adalo changed something…?

Thanks for your help

Hi @JonathanL !! :wave: :wave:

@JonathanL All Adalo user’s are facing this problem. Adalo team has to solve this problem. Adalo team will solve this problem soon.We have to wait until they solve this problem. :blush: :blush:

Thank you :innocent:

Thank you for answer :slight_smile:
Hope it will be fixed soon :wink:

You’re welcome @JonathanL :innocent: :innocent:

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