[issue]Place holder in dropdown list is not displayed

Have you recently changed the specs of the Adalo dropdown?
That change is causing the problem.

When the default value is empty, the place holder text is displayed.
Selecting the place holder text after selecting data from the dropdown once will unselect the selected data.

If the default value is empty, the data of the first record will be displayed.
Once the data is selected from the drop-down, it cannot be returned to the unselected data afterwards.

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I have the same problem. After updating my app this week, I can’t publish it because of this issue.

I have the same problem, looks like a bug and it’s really frustrating and confusing to users. Has anyone sent a ticket to adalo or shall i send one?

I HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM … i sent a lot ot tickets but i dont have answers yet

Its been an issue for a week now and no response from ADALO. They suck at customer service.

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Please share screenshots of the problem you are experiencing.

@ygoto @Smartini @axme @CopyThat

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I attached screenshots of current initial situation.
スクリーンショット 2021-09-05 13.01.42
スクリーンショット 2021-09-05 13.01.50

Settings are the same as @ygoto

@Smartini @ygoto

please open a new page and drag the list you are having trouble with and add a button to the page you are having trouble with so that people can reach the list and redirect to the new page. On the page you just opened, there should be only a list where you can’t adjust the settings. Do not add a different feature. Add a button to the page you’re having trouble with and let people reach the new page, the list. try this and let me know

@Applicationspeciali I didn’t understand anything you just explained. Honestly, I’ve been trying different things in the past few days. With new screens, on the same old screen, with a brand new app, but the problem persists.

Before I noticed this problem, I had not made any changes to the screen or the dropdown menu. So it’s not because of anything I’ve done in my app.

And honestly I don’t think this has anything to do with my app as several other people are having the same problem. There have been more posts on this forum in the past few days about the same problem, but no one from Adalo takes the decency to reply or come up with a solution.

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@Applicationspeciali for your information. I just created a brand new app, add a list and a dropdown menu. See the result.

Hi @Smartini and all,

I can confirm seeing the issue in my apps as well. Moreover, it seems to affect multiselect dropdown marketplace component in some way.

Reg. response from Adalo - just to clarify, this forum doesn’t replace, or act as an official support channel: Adalo Community Guidelines.
So I would advice to submit a support ticket here: Submit a Support Ticket

I’m also going to follow this up on Monday - in my personal opinion, this is a bug which should be fixed.

Best regards, Victor.

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Thank you @Victor! I just submitted a support ticket to Adalo. It’d be great to know what you hear from the team on Monday

hey guys, hope you all doing well,
had the same problem, made a copy of the app,
everything works great on the new one

I had submitted!

Thank you, is that I sent several tikets for various topics, but about 7 days ago I have no answers, I hope to solve it quickly, because I have very slow apps and the dropdown changed me in all my apps …


Please see the topic here: [Adalo Status Update] Drop-down issues
I hope Adalo team will provide the fix soon.

Best regards, Victor.

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