Component for GDPR (possible at all?)

Hi all,

Is it possible to build a GDPR component for Adalo?

I am still struggling to find a durable solution to GDPR in my Web App. I currently have made a copy of my home screen and placed a box in front of it, where you have to accept my cookie- and privacy policy in order to be directed to the “real” home screen.

But… GDPR has some requirements which are super hard to fulfill on my side.

  • Cookies must be held back until consent has been given.
  • All consent must be achieved for documentation issues.

There is a lot of freemium/premium solutions on the market. But since there is no access to the Adalo source code of my app, I cant implent any of these… Will a component work here? Or maybe Google Tag Manager?

Bubble has made a very good post about a plugin, that resolves this issue (back in 2020). Bubble GDPR Intro Guide - Bubble Blog

It is IMPOSSIBLE to publish any apps in accordance with GDPR requirements as of now on Adalo without this feature.


I’m interested to hear from other app makers who are subject to GDPR rules.
How certain are you that your apps / business is compliant when using Adalo?

What would be great is if somebody from Europe could showcase their app and demonstrate how it is GDPR compliant.

To be honest I don’t believe it exist. Not until a cookie module has been developed, or integration of cookies is made possible.

Furthermore is the problem with data transfer between US and Europe.

Love to be proven wrong :pray:

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