Where/How to add cookie consent banner from Iubenda?

Hi all, via the forum I found Iubenda where I created a cookie consent banner. I need this to be able to go live with my (web)app in NL. There is some javascript to copy, but where to embedd/paste it in Adalo? Info like HEAD, metatags etc I can’t find in Adalo??

You cant add scripts or code in adalo to the app. Its a locked down no-code environment.

Hmmm, how do other Adalo clients from EU then launch their PWA without being GDPR compliant?

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I created a html page with the GDPR stuff, added a webview and 2 buttons ACCEPT or DECLINE. Than the button set user profile variable GDPR accepted TRUE and if decline the app jumps back to start page.

Thanks @pushingpandas ! Would you like to share the live solution so that I can have a look?

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