🆕 [Component] Introducing Web3 to Adalo

Hi! We are NovaBloq.
We are integrating web3 tools into plugins for no code platforms.
Our team is working on a first of its kind, Web3 Component on Adalo.

Features in the first version:

  • Import a private key or mnemonic phrase
  • Sign messages
  • Send tokens
  • Get balance

We are waiting for the approval of the first version to start working on new features.
In the meantime, tell us what features would you like to be added?

Component Preview

We couldn’t reach to someone form Adalo team to get the status of component review. Please PM us if you are a team member

About us: novabloq.com

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congrats on doing that! I think metamask login is a must.

Absolutely, this will come in the future.
We wanted to “test the ground” with this first release.

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Is this available?

You won’t believe it but it is still under review at Adalo :melting_face:
A simplified version should be available soon (according to their moderators…)

I am waiting…

The first version is now published, it is called Web3 Manager

Demo link
Marketplace link

Current features:

  • Get Balance of ERC20 token
  • Get NFT Balance
  • Get NFT Metadata

Upcoming features:

  • Read any function from Smart Contract

Due to some technical limits, current and upcoming features can only Read from blockchain and smart contracts, so it can’t do Write functions

Component settings

Action result: