Component marketplace - updates

Question for the crew here. Are there any developers still currently working on components for the marketplace at this time? Seems like a things have gotten quiet with new components. We know @Flawless has stepped back from that part of it, but also seems like @Michael is also quiet with updates and fixes. @James_App_Maker / @knight you still working on anything?


Hey! Yes, I’m still working on new components!

I’m actually coming out with something exciting soon - my very own component marketplace! It’ll be ready in a month or so and have a ton of components.

I think @Michael is still pretty active; you can see lots of new components from nocode monkey in the marketplace.

For me, I’m still here just not as active as last time, but still here to support my customer, build some custom components and release something occasionally.

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What REALLY needs to happen is Adalo needs to drop some new components. Two years later and there is no free dynamic background. There is also no dynamic calendar components that highlights the day you’re on or provides multi-day select. These are just a few of the many components that should have been available a LONG time ago and free. FlutterFlow is dropping components every week.


And what about multi-selection dropdown lists in Forms… ?! :face_with_monocle:


Not only components but things like dropping an input box or a dropdown and mark it as required. This would be great for building our own custom forms. But this functionality is only available when dropping and Adalo form on the screen. Also input masks and extending formulas; maybe an expression builder.

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This is helpful. Thanks guys. @James_App_Maker looking forward to you pushing out your marketplace. Would love to also see them roll into the adalo marketplace. Honestly, i think you could charge a premium for them since nobody else is really pushing on the component front right now.

@mrentrekin I hear you. I love getting emails from Flutter, miro, airtable, every week/month with new components/updates. Hoping we can get some momentum with that type of frequency here.

@adominicci Love that. the quality of life thing for users is another area of huge opportunity, like these forms…hoping that is another area the Adalo team starts to focus more. I see the roadmap got pulled down, but hoping more stuff is coming soon.

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well the problem is that Adalo takes ages to review components, I’m talking 3+ months.

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No code monkey has a good form validator component. It takes some time to setup a form but should be good for most use cases.

Hi Rozza:

I have purchased some of his components. But his support is lacking. He might reply or not. Although I must say the ones that I have and used after struggling a bit to get them properly setup work fine.

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Same on the support and updating. The app bar still doesn’t work properly with iPhone 14s.

Right! @adalo is lacking!

Yeah I don’t disagree with the sentiment, support could be improved, I think the price point on these components normally reflects this though.

I haven’t had issues with the form validator, there is a niggly bug that I can’t readily recall, but on the whole it is good to go. There is a limit of 10 fields and dropdowns don’t do so well if I do recall.

The main problem with these 3rd party components is the lack of reviews and then recourse if there is an issue.

Can you send me a link to that form validator? I couldn’t find it in his website.

Regex Input

Sorry I confused the name.

ChatGPT turns out some nice regex :+1:

I’m working on components but I think Adalo is making a list of our best ideas, to steal them. wait 2 months for the validation of a component while knowing that I have 4 components under review, I don’t find that normal

@jromeo80 here’s my new marketplace!

Saw that thanks! Can we get in and browse without providing our app tokens?

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Have to admit, that’s what worried me about Adalo. I dont want to sink a lot of time into app developent and the company go belly up


I can definitely work something out. I’ll let you know when it’s ready. Right now, the marketplace only has the Firebase Auth component.