Components under custom list messes up formatting

Hello, I’m having a formatting issue with lists and was wondering if anyone had found a solution or if I should submit a bug request.

Whenever I put a component under a custom list, in the preview and PWA, it is shoved much lower under the list than intended, leaving a large gap.

Does anyone know why this happens or how to fix?

Hi @jasondupree :wave:

I’m sorry you are facing this issue . Could you send a screenshot?

Thank you

Reset Progress is a custom button right? And did you set the fixed type to Bottom? If it is set it to None and try.

It’s a regular button, but it also happens with custom buttons. It is set to NONE as well.

Here’s how I see.

And Setup


Put a rectangle component between the custom list and the button and make sure it’s the size of the space you want between your last list item and the button.

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So I found the cause of the problem, when there is anything fixed to the bottom of the screen it causes this. I had it hidden in the screenshots but when I removed it completely the formatting was closer to correct (though still a little space between the list and button, and less space between button and bottom of screen).

Seems like a bug.

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