List formatting misalignment

Hello! I was wondering if someone can help me understand why my list shows up like this in the preview? The rectangles are all misaligned. Each rectangle should contain custom text for each record via visibility rules. However the rectangles don’t resize to contain all the info. I’ve attached screenshots to show how I’ve set it up. Thanks!

Hi @Trading_5_Talents :wave:

Adjust the rectangle Height correctly like this .( Red Line)


Thank you

Hmm. I tried adjusting the rectangle (orange handles) but it doesn’t change the layout in the preview. I can’t adjust the red dotted line though.

When you select the rectangle what you see?

Ah, I got it now. I made the “rectangle” component bigger so that it now includes all custom text components. It works now! Thank you so much!!

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Hmm. Happy to hear that and Your welcome

Hi! Also having this issue, but my components are already well within the dotted borders. Any advice on what could be wrong here? Images attached of both design, and how it’s showing up in preview (same issue on phone and desktop preview)


Screen Shot 2021-11-06 at 9.09.29 PM

I had to make the rectangle component big enough to contain all my entries, then it worked.

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