Components visibility


Having a problem with the visibility order that I want to give to some components.
I am not talking about the visibility condition (“Sometimes visible”).

Example: I am talking about having a background “rectangle” that is used as a background colour but it overlaps other components even if the order in the screen should bring to the back the rectangle. It looks like it does no work properly. It is has a somewhat erratic behaviour without a pattern.

Is there something that I am missing?

@gmsalgado Could you share screenshots / a screen recording of your set up? Thanks.

Sharing the “Setup” and the “Preview” below.
On the setup…you can see that the button “Food” is underneath the button “All” but in the components it is ordered first.
This happens in a lot of places. Still not getting the pattern. Is there some kind of glitch or am I missing something?

Hello @Ben… shared my setup.
What are your thoughts?