Visibility and design

I got an positionning issue when I add a rectangle component with a visibility condition.

What I want:
When the client is archieve (true), the last tab background must be red.
When the client is not archieve (false), the last tab background is white.

The result:
My tab screen:

Next two pictures: when I add the rectangle component,
1st picture when client is archieve and 2nd picture is when the same client is not archive (display is then not ok)

I made a lot of tests, adding rectangle, changing relative positionning, etc… I just cannot figure out how correct that.

Thanks for idea and/or more explanations about how positionning is working (yes, I read tutorials about that but I still need help please…)

Hello, can you please send a screenshot of the screen in the editor so i can look closer on your placement of the components?

Thank you!

I removed the red rectangle component for now. The tab display is correct without the visibility condition. Not sure if this printscreen will help but there it is.

Actually, I needed to see the borders of the red rectangle that was causing the problem, but no problem, Anyways the key to making it work correctly is by checking if the components and rectangles borders aren’t crossing with each other.

Thank you!