Conditional Create Record not working as expected


I have a question and answer app. Think something similar to Quora.
3 collections:

Relationships between these:
A question can have multiple responses. A given response only has one question.
A user can have multiple responses.

On the Home screen is a list of questions other users have submitted.

What I want to do if someone taps a question is

  1. Create a new “response” record linked to the selected question and the logged in user ONLY IF the user has not answered this question already
  2. Link to the question screen

it’s the first step I am having trouble with.

The conditional statement I have reads:
Current Question’s > Response’s > User’s (All)

Does not contain

Logged in User

I thought that would do it but currently it creates a new response every time, even if the user has already responded to this question. Please help!

Hi @scott1,

You can try another condition:
Current Question’s > Response’s > User’s (All) > Count
Email is equal to Logged-in User Email
is equal to


Hi Victor,

Thanks for the response!

I tried setting it up like this (I think this is what you are suggesting) But still no luck :frowning: am I getting your condition right?

@scott1, correct? : 20240516203041.mp4 - Google Drive