Create Record (if doesnt exist) or Update Record (if exists)


I have a series of create and update actions that happens after user submits a form.

I am creating a new record with if record doesnt exist and have an action to update the record right after. But I am confused how it will just load the record if it already exists and when the create command is skipped?

Any clarification is appreciated.


Hi @crystalball,

You need two buttons for this! One button as a list that filtered for the input ( clicking the three dots > make a list ) and another button not as a list with a visibility condition.

Button with the list :

Connect to the collection that the form is creating the records. And filter that name > contains > input. And set the maximum items as 1.

Button with out the list :

A visibility condition that All items ( collection name that form is creating records ) > Count > is equal to > 0. And filter that name > contains > input.

Here’s a great video made by Nathan : Adalo Prevent Duplicate Records & allow user to update existing record instead. - YouTube

Thank you

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Thanks for this info. Had to rework the flow but this seems to be the only way. No way to conditionally create OR Load and update on the same button actions.

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