Conditional in action not working properly (If "date" is before "Start of Today")


I have a streak (number) and a “last seen” date.
The concept is: a user clicks on an item, the streak is increased by 1 (if the “last seen” date is before “Start of Today”) and then the “last seen” date is set to “Start of Today”. This is so that the user’s streak can’t be increased multiple times on 1 day.
My problem: for example, when the “last seen” date is set to “26/11/2021” and the user clicks on the item the streak is increased and so on, but when the “last seen” date is set to “27/11/2021” it doesn’t increase the streak. I’ve tried multiple dates and it never works with the date of yesterday. Is the date of yesterday not before “Start of Today”?

I hope you understand my situation. Thanks in advance!

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