Conditional visibility of list item

Hi all,

I’m new to the community and also relatively new to the Adalo platform itself, but I already stumbled upon a problem.

I have a screen with a list of questions. Each question has an icon button which links the user to a screen where they can choose option A, B or C (so, multiple choice).

After submitting the answer (with a button), the user is send to a screen that provides feedback about the answer they gave, the actual right answer and if they gave the right answer or not.

The user then clicks a button that brings them back to the screen with the list of questions.

However, because the user has answered a specific question, the icon button of that question should be inactive or invisible, so that a user cannot update his/her answer. Unfortunately, I could’t find a way to realize this.

I tried to give the icon button a conditional visibility by making it only visible if a user did not answer the question. I’ve added a many-to-many relation between users and questions to be able to add a user to a question as soon as he/she submitted his/her answer. And I set the conditional visibility accordingly (Visible if “current question → users” “does not contain” “logged in user”). However, it doesn’t work.

Can somebody help me?



Try using rectangle with huge borders, the color of the borders match color of the icons.

For icon’s action, use conditional if answered than no action.

Thank’s a lot for your reply.

Unfortunately, the problem was not so much related to which object I gave a conditional visibility (or a conditional action as you mentioned), but more to the condition itself.

I manage to solve the problem by setting the condition to visible if “Logged in user → User answers → Questions” “does not contain” “Current question”.

So, the problem has been solved.

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