Conditional Visibility on Password Reset Button

Hey y’all! New to the forums and loving Adalo so far. Here’s the issue I’m currently stuck on:

I’m trying to create a Forgot Password flow whereby the user enters an email address and I send them instructions for how to reset their password. On this screen they simply enter their email address and press a submit button. If the email address is not properly formatted it should show an inactive button state. If it’s properly formatted, an active state button state should be shown which, when clicked, takes them to a success screen (regardless of if the email is associated with a user or not).

I’ve tried to accomplish this by creating:

  1. A button (active state) to be visible if the count of active users who’s email matches the input is not 0.
  2. Another button (inactive state) that is visible if the count of active users who’s email matches the input is 0.

The problem here is twofold:

  1. The active state is shown when the user has not entered anything into the email input (i.e. - a null state). In this case it should show the inactive state.
  2. The active state is only displayed when there is a matching user in the database. I would like it to show when a properly formatted email address is entered.

I’d appreciate any help/guidance you can provide. Thank you so much!!!

i have used this guy’s videos for a few things, i find him on spot.

not sure how this would pertain to your problem, but worth giving it a go

Thank you @ghislain - I’ve seen this video a few times and it still doesn’t solve the issue unfortunately.

I think the crux of it is that the active state is visible when the email input field is blank/null. It disappears again when I start typing and re-appears when the email is valid. Is there a way to hide the button when a field is blank?

if you click on your button and then look at the top left hand corner you will see this


if you press the arrow down, you will see this


then click on the arrow in the “will be visible if…” box.

Do any of those options help?

I am trying to use those but they don’t do exactly what I’m trying to do. They work once I start typing but the button is visible when the email input field is completely blank.

Here’s how I currently have it set up:

And here’s the screen it’s on:

Hi Kevin,

Welcome to the community :partying_face:

I believe you are following the Victor’s Video! Add the visibility condition to the button that is with the list like Victor did : Adalo tutorials: multistep customised password reset. ATTENTION - IMPORTANT UPDATES in description. - YouTube

Thank you

Thank you! What if I want a button to appear even if the user does not exist?

Add another button and make it visible, Visible if All Users > Count > is equal to > 0. And add a filter that Email property > is equal to > Input Name.

And group the the button with the list and this button.

I’m looking for that feature too. I’ve tried many things over and over again. I don’t think that’s possible because you can’t refer to either a “logged in user” or a “current user”.

Thank you @dilon_perera - this doesn’t quite solve the issue though. I’m attaching a video of how this works in practice. Am I doing something wrong?

Thank you!

You need a button to show when the input is empty or a user that entered in the input is not exist? Then I guess you need another button because the OR filter is not yet available for visibility conditions. Add another button that will be visible if email-input > is equal to > empty. And group the button that added the count condition and add another visibility condition to the group that email-input > is not equal to > empty.

@dilon_perera Thank you so much for your patience. This has been a tremendous help so far. Here’s what I’ve got:

I think it’s working correctly aside from the Submit 3 button, which should show up in an empty state for the email input field. What am I doing wrong?


Your Welcome!

For the Submit 3 button add the condition as email-input > is equal to > empty. And group the group that includes the submit-button-list and submit-button-inactive and the individual Submit button 3. And in the button with the list you can resize the list layout. You can drag the list to the button.

I’m a bit hung up on this. I did everything you recommended up until “And group the group that…”. I tried grouping them all together and it didn’t change the behavior (the Submit 3 button appears at first, then disappears). I wasn’t sure what the resize part was referring to either.

Here’s what I’ve got:

The behavior is the same as shown in the video I uploaded above. I’m happy to add someone as a collaborator if they’re willing to help - writing these instructions out can be difficult sometimes.

I finally got it to work! The problem was with the options available to me on Submit 3 as a button vs. a group. When I grouped Submit 3 on its own I was able to select the right option for “Will be visible if…” as “email-input” on its own rather than “All Users > email-input”.

Thank you so much all!

I guess you copied the Submit button 2 for Submit button 3? Then you need to select Always Visible and again select Sometimes visible and then you will see Other components>Input.

Yup! I think that’s exactly what I did. Seems like a little quirk of Adalo I need to get used to/remember. Thanks again for all of your help here!

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Would be awesome if you could provide a link to the app part for cloning. I think a lot of people, including myself, would help that lot in making our apps more user-friendly. :pray:

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