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Hello, iam quite new here. I tested many so-called no-code SDK but adalo makes it really super easy to develop apps. One feature that iam missing is a condition statement with IF/ELSE. This could make stuff much easier. I know its some form in the visibility function but is there a chance for a more depth condition? Like IF user = admin - Button leads to ADMIN page, else show USER page. I know I can do it with multiply buttons and visual tricks but thats not very ressource saving and elegant.

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The IF/ELSE can easily be implemented by adding 2 actions, the only difference is it is not named IF/ELSE.

For example. If you wish a user to go to a different page if they are admin, you can add an action to the login button that says ‘go to page = admin if admin true/false for current user is true’. Then add another action the same as above but change standard page and change true to false.

This is just 2 actions on one button.

This can be used in many ways throughout your app.

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awesome! Thank you, I try that.

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