How to have a condition on button?

hi there

I was wondering how do I have a condition on button for example if the user didn’t fill out these 2 inputs this button would not take them to the next page.


Hello, you can put a text input a and a text input b

The input b with visible condition only if A is not equal to empty and the button with visibility only if b is not equal to empty

As the user completes A, B appears, when he completes B, the BUTTON appears.

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Hi @MaxZHou ,

Addition to the Santiago’s great post!

If you don’t want to hide and need to show them all, you can do something like this with a help of another input and some conditional actions! : Button Condition.mp4 - Google Drive

And also another great video made by Steven that may help! : Tutorial - Adding validation to custom forms - YouTube

Thank you


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Thank you I will check it out!

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