Connect Date Picker to Database Collection

Hi guys,

I am having trouble connecting the date picker to my datebase collection.

Basically, I want users to be able to click on the date picker and if they want to see how many visits they have say from the current date to a date in the future the date picker will filter the visits according to the date.

Here’s a screenshot to help with understanding:

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help!

Hi @freegg ,

In list at filter, you can use date time field with other components>date picker.

If you want the filter button is used to trigger the list, put conditional visibility in the list, with the help of hidden text input.

It would be helpful to have reset button as well, which makes the list to be hidden.

Hi @Yongki

Thanks for your response.

When I go to the list, I do not see a way to connect a filter to the date picker component. This is what I see below;

How do I connect the filter button visibility to the list?

Sorry, I’m new to Adalo, could you give me step by step please, if you can, as I’m not understanding. Screenshots will be most appreciated.

Use Other Component and Date Picker.

Which component if not the card list component?

and do I create a custom action? I’m really lost here.

In the filter, you can choose other components, instead of current time.

Thanks a lot @Yongki that did it! I’m moving ahead now.


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