Adalo Feedback for Component Lacking Important Function

This is feedback for Adalo in regards to a components custom filter options lacking a very key feature.

The Date Picker component is handy and lets you filter based on selected Date and/or Time. But the custom filter options only include; “is after”, “is before” and “is between”. I don’t understand why there is not a filtering option that filters to the exact date selected such as “is on”.

I’m trying to make a screen that allows users to view a list of data they have input to the database on the app on a selected day. Unfortunately, as the component is designed the way it currently is, all I am able to do is show all data before a date and then sort by newest to oldest which is nowhere near as neat as it would be if a filter option of “is on” was added to this component.



Hi @JackJack,

I agree, this setting could be useful.
Just in case, you could leave feature requests here: Feature Requests | Adalo

Best regards, Victor.


This would be great.

You can achieve what you are looking to achieve however with Adalo at present with a component made by NoCodeMonkey.

It requires 3 Or Filters for a given date selection to filter only records on that date. Michael’s NoCodeMonkeys Advanced Calendar or Calendar Pro, can’t remember it’s exact name. But it allows you to grab that start of the day, and end of the day Data. Screenshot below shows dates when I select the 14th it takes me to another screen only showing data on the 14th. Is that what you are looking? If so I can grab a screenshot later to show you the filter settings.


Hi @iAppsNi,

This looks amazing, it’s exactly what I wanted and tried to achieve with the free Calendar component made by Adalo but no matter how I tried to get it working it wouldn’t work.

I’d really appreciate the screenshot of the filter settings for this NoCodeMonkeys Calendar Component when you get the free time to send it!

Thanks again :slight_smile:

Hi @Victor,

Thanks for that I’ll be sure to use this link in the future :slight_smile:


Hey Jack, recorded a little video for you.



Great video, man.

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Thanks man :slight_smile:

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Hi @iAppsNi ,

This video is awesome and has so much detail, thank you so much for taking the time to put that together!

Thanks :slight_smile:

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