Connect multiple apps

I’m aware of the difference, Colin. I think the issue comes in the use of language in the setting that may cause potential for confusion. I interpreted the setting “share database with an existing app…” to mean the db would be a single db shared between the two apps, resulting in a single, shared dataset.

But is appears the setting “share database with an existing app…” actually refers to duplicate the database structure and share with the new app?

Does Adalo offer either an automated way to maintain multiple synchronised databases between apps or a way to use a single database between two or more apps?

Our goal is a common use case; allow users to sign up and have a single account/login across both our web app and native apps.

@dan to clarify, if you create a new app and choose the advanced options on the naming step, and then choose Share database with existing app, the new app and the original will have just one shared database.

@Ben thank you for the clarification. If this is the case, why would we not see new user registrations that take place on the web app, when we look at the database via the native app instance? With a single shared database, I’d expect to see every change to data reflected no matter where we’re viewing the data?

You should see registrations in any app sharing a db with another. I just tested this by adding a user to one app, then switching to the other app that is sharing the db, clicked on on the records button to see the records, and the new record was visible that was created in the other app.

If you are experiencing this issue, it may be a bug and we can investigate further. Please let me know if this is still the case so I can take a look.