Copying Apps That Has Shared Database

I have a user app and admin app sharing same databes. I would like to copy these 2 apps together for another project. How can I do this?

You can copy them one at a time. Each time you make a copy you will have the choice of whether the copy has a new database or not.

@Ben thank you, but let me put it this way:

I have ----> User App 1 and Admin App 1 with Database 1

I can copy User App 1 or Admin App 1 with Database 1 or with a new database.

What I need is ----> User App 2 and Admin App 2 with Database 2

Ok, so you would…

Copy User App 1 and choose “copy database”
Then copy Admin App 1 and choose “Share database with” User App 2

Yes, but there is only 2 options when copying Admin App 1.
Either “share the same database” which shares with User App 1
Or “copy database” which is totally new database.

Not showing any options when copying

Showing options only when creating a new app.

Ah, yes, sorry I was confusing those options. So there is not a way for you to do exactly what you want. The closest you could get would be to:

Copy User App 1 and choose “copy database”
Then create Admin App 2 and choose “Share database with” User App 2
Copy each screen from Admin 1 one individually into Admin App 2

Yes, you are right, but when copying almost all database connections, links, filters etc. comes broken and it becomes harder. I prefer building from scratch.
I think this will be required more as developers build more apps. You might consider adding this feature in the near future.

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Hello. Any idea if this feature will be accessible soon. As lot of update on Adalo I need to copy lot of my app’s using the same db and without the links is like hell to put all the links again. any solution or help welcome