Content issue for Arabic language


I am still having an issue with the content of my app if the device is set to Arabic as a device language.

any update on this?


I am facing the same issue only with dates, other fields and labels seems to be ok. It depends on your use case , you might use the add on calender item to use it to pic the date.

My issue is not only with the date picker.
All the page content is not showing if the device language is Arabic.

Is that during development or only when you uplaod to the store?

Can you share screenshot

that’s only after the upload to the AppStore and GooglePlay Store.

no issue during the development.

the screenshot suppose to have a list of events.

Is there a filter by date for this list ?

Yes, there is a date filter on this page.

Exactly this is the problem which I am trying to find a workaround solution. This happens only on IPhone with Arabic language setup. If the same phone langue setup is English, it works fine, correct?

On Android , it works find whether the phone was setup on Arabic or English. Still works , correct?

I was maybe thinking to use the API and airtable to do some custom action and try to covert these days somehow.

Have you uploaded any app to the stores yet?

I have an open topic on this link regarding date

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