Date in `arabic doesnt work

I ahve setup my database and everything is working really good and the App is in arabic looks and feels good. However, when the phone of the user in Arabic and he goes to select a date and time. then the field of the form will not accept. thus the form will not be able to submit. how can i solve this issue?

Unfortunately we do not support multiple languages at this time. You can upvote this feature here: and you will be notified when this is ready.

It works on Android but dont work on IOS

Hello Colin,

Thank you for the replay. I think Adlai is perfectly working fine and supporting Arabic but only one issue with the IOS if the Phone language was set to Arabic.

On Android, it works fine with Arabic or English without any problem. So Adlai works with Android perfectly except some RTL but there are workaround. Also it works perfect with Arabic content on IOS as well if the phone language is set to English. Any dates without logical operation will also show on Arabic iPhone.

However if the iPhone lanague isn’t set to Arabic, then the app will work perfect except if there is any code where we are using the date to filter or do some logical operation with date. Then this will not work on this iPhone

I hope Adalo would solve this minor issue so it will open a wide market to the Arab users.

Anyway, I am testing to find a work around sulaotion, is there a way that I don’t do the dates logical check in the app, maybe a do it via integromat or zippier somehow.

Let’s say I want to see expired membership if greater than today.

I already have the date in database. I want to check if that day expired then update a filed in database saying it’s expired then I will not ask adalo to check if current date is after or before.

Or another way that . I can maybe do a mapping table some how, your support is highly appreciated