Content lock - for free users

Hi there!

Is it possible to lock some of the content for the free users, and unlock it for premium subscribers?

So not just simply lock content till a one-time purchase, but for recurring payments?

Hi @petyaaa6,

Maybe you can do something like this…

Create a true/false property called “FreeUser?”, then in a list you can filter the premium content.

If FreeUser? > true > don’t show the content.

If FreeUser? > false > show the content.

Hey there @petyaaa6 & @James_App_Maker

I agree with @James_App_Maker, however, I’d flip the logic around. If the user has paid and is a premium subscriber then you should have a parameter called “Paid Subscriber” as a true/false parameter and mark that as true after they’ve paid.

A specific example of why you should do it this way instead:

Let’s say the user is on an android device. If the user clicks the back button on the bottom of the screen after logging out, they’d then be presented with all of the premium subscriber content as the parameter is now null (which executes as “false” for the user even though they’re no longer logged in).


Ahh thanks guys!

Yeah that could work thanks! :blush:

Though, if the content is not even visible, how will they know what they are missing out?

Here you go @petyaaa6

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Thanks guys!!