Convert Unix date to human-readable date

I’m using open weather API data for a weather app. It is returning the Unix date_time which is the time elapsed since 1/1/1970. Is there a way in Adalo to convert it to a human-readable date format?

@vjragavan Hi Vijay, have a look at How to derive weekdays from a date and How to calculate with days and minutes. These give some background on how date and time are handled in Adalo.


Thank you for linking them. Calculating the week of the day using modulo operation did not require finding what date that Unix-number corresponds to. Effectively, I want something like
Convert_to_date ( returned-unix-datetime / 86500).

If in the Date/Time calculation, Conversion of Unix DateTime to Human readable format was available that would have been ideal.

You may be able to run the api call through zapier and have it format the data before sending to adalo. I know it’s an option in zapier!

@vjragavan The only current workaround would be to first store the (returned-unix-datetime / 86500) into a DateTime field in Adalo and then bring it onto the screen using the Date Picker formatting options: